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722.6 TCU Tune EGS52

722.6 TCU Tune EGS52

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RaceIQ EGS52 TCU tuning software for 722.6 transmission. The 722.6 transmission has known to be a a bit slow when it comes to shifting, but this TCU tune will increase your vehicles performance with quicker and firmer shifts. The quicker shifting also benefits the transmission because there's a lot less slippage shifting between gears, which is what causes excessive wear and tear on the clutches inside your transmission. 

  • Quicker up and downshifts
  • Firmer shifts
  • Torque limiters are raised
  • Optimized line pressure
  • Holds gear in "M" mode
  • Less transmission slippage

*Direct TCU flash requires you to send in your TCU for software install

*Same day quick swap install option available for an additional $150 if you bring your car into the shop