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Carbon Fiber Overload - C63s AMG

This Designo Diamond White C63s AMG is already one of a kind, but with a few cosmetic modifications you can make any AMG stand out from the rest. We decided to upgrade this AMG with a carbon fiber steering wheel, carbon fiber front lip, rear diffuser, and a larger trunk spoiler to finish it off. 

This C63s comes equipped with the highly desired carbon fiber interior trim. To match and add to the value of the interior, we installed this full carbon fiber steering wheel, complete with carbon fiber trim and paddle shifters. As the part of the car you see, touch, and use the most, the steering wheel is the what connects you to your AMG. Why not add value to the interior of your AMG? Especially if it looks this good! 

Moving to the exterior of the car, the carbon fiber front lip looks pretty aggressive with the winged tips and stacked center section. The center section of this carbon fiber lip is detachable, but we chose to keep it stacked up for a more aggressive look. 

The rear diffuser this C63s came from the factory with is a bit of a disappointment. Especially once we installed the carbon fiber front lip. The rear of the car looked like it was lacking something, like people you see working out their arms all day at the gym, but never their legs. To balance things out, we installed a 3-fin carbon fiber rear diffuser. The fitment wasn’t perfect, but with some patience we were able to finesse the rear diffuser to fit properly.  

Things are starting to finally come together, but one thing is left, the trunk spoiler! Originally we couldn’t decide which spoiler we liked more so we tried on both. They both looked great on the car and it was a hard decision, but the second spoiler looked a little better so we decided to use this one for now. Don’t be surprised if we switch to the other one though. 

Now that the carbon fiber is all done and installed, the next project will be installing the H&R lowering springs for a lower center of gravity and less wheel gap. So make sure you don’t miss the next blog post for that. To be continued...

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