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ECU Tunes Explained

Did you know a lot of your car’s performance is governed and limited by the Mercedes ECU(Engine Control Unit)? Similar to tuning an instrument to make the perfect sound, it’s possible to tune the ECU of your AMG or Mercedes. An ECU tune will produce a noticeable gain in horsepower and torque, as well as increase the engines overall efficiency or fuel economy. 

What is adjusted in an AMG or Mercedes ECU tune? There are many different parameters adjusted to successfully tune the ECU. Some of the main parameters adjusted are the ignition timing, fuel trims, and the air/fuel ratio. Through years of research tuners have figured out how to recode your car’s ECU so you can enjoy more performance with an increase in power and torque. Even if you have a Mercedes and would rather have better fuel economy, tuners can modify the fuel trims and other parameters to achieve this. As a result this increases your gas mileage which will save you more money in the long run. 

AMG owners can tune the ECU of a stock car without any prior modifications, to unlock additional power and torque. If you do install other supporting engine modifications to the AMG such as headers or downpipes, you can expect an even greater increase in power when paired with an ECU tune. Most cars will easily see an increase of at least 15-20%. Once you start installing aftermarket performance parts on your AMG it’s very important to make sure you have a quality ECU tune to go with these new modifications. The car will start and run with your new performance parts, but without the proper ECU tune, your car will run like shit, throw check engine lights, and possibly blow your engine. The air/fuel ratio is one of the most important focuses when it comes to tuning any car. By adding performance parts to the engine you are increasing the air flow in and out of your engine. The ECU is designed to adjust some of the parameters like fuel trims and ignition timing as needed, but it can only account for a small difference in air flow. Without properly modifying the ignition timing and fuel trims with an ECU tune, it can cause the air/fuel ratio to become dangerously incorrect which can result in a catasrphic engine failure. This is how many people end up with blown engines. Lack of ECU tuning or incorrect ECU tuning. 

It’s important to choose a tuning company what is known in the community and has also proven themselves to know what they're doing. You get what you pay for, and when it comes to the ECU of your engine you shouldn't sacrifice the quality of the tune. That’s why we strive to bring you the best products available on the market. Including the best AMG and Mercedes ECU tunes, created and written by some of the most respected and proven tuners in the Mercedes tuning industry like RaceIQ and Eurocharged. We have tunes available for most all makes and models AMG or not. Whether you’re looking to make more power in your AMG or if you’re just looking to increase the fuel economy of your Mercedes. We have ECU tunes available, custom tailored for your car and specific engine modifications. Contact our team today for more info on the ECU tunes we have available for your car. 



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