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W204 C63 AMG Lowering Spring Install

W204 C63 AMG Lowered on H&R Springs

The C63 AMG is already great at handling curves whether you're on or off the track, but the stock ride height isn't the most appealing height either. This W204 C63 AMG was brought in to have a set of H&R sport lowering springs installed. H&R Springs has been around for many years and has been proven to be one of the most trusted suspension companies in the automotive industry both on and off the track. The set of H&R springs installed on this C63 AMG lower the car about 1.5"-2" in the front and the rear. In addition to the more aggressive look, the lowering springs lower the center of gravity to reduce body roll through turns and curves. The springs are engineered to have the correct spring rate which gives the car high performance handling without sacrificing the ride quality at all. Priced right around $300 for the set, these springs offer great performance and looks for a very reasonable price.

C63 H&R Sport Lowering Springs

C63 Lowering Spring Install

The installation of the H&R lowering springs is pretty straight forward if you've installed springs before. The front struts are removed from the car and then a spring compressor tool is fitted, so that you can compress the spring enough to safely remove the nut holding the top spring plate to the top of the strut assembly. Once you have safely removed the top plate, the stock spring should be loose and slide right off the strut. The new H&R lowering spring can then be installed onto the strut in the reverse order and will look like this before finally installing the strut assembly with new spring back onto the car. 

C63 AMG H&R Lowering Spring Compressed

C63 AMG Front Springs

 C63 H&R Lowering Spring

C63 AMG Lowering Spring Install

The rear lowering springs are installed without the use of the spring compressor. Instead the lower control arm is disconnected and slowly uncompressed to release the rear suspension springs as seen in the picture below.C63 AMG Rear Suspension Springs

Once released and removed from the car, you can see the height difference between the lowering springs from H&R and the stock spring removed from the car. It's not a huge difference, but just enough to get the car to a nice ride height.

 C63 AMG Stock Spring vs H&R Sport Lowering SpringC63 AMG H&R Rear Lowering Springs

With the new H&R sport lowering springs installed the car sits noticeably lower, but not too much to cause any issues going over speed bumps, or into driveways. In addition to giving the car a better look, it also handles a lot better with the reduced body roll all while still keeping the same stock ride quality. Sometimes when installing lowering springs you can experience a stiff or uncomfortable ride, but H&R springs have been known to offer a comfortable ride and great performance due to their design and use of quality materials. If you're looking to lower your AMG without coil overs or breaking the bank, contact AMG Doctor today so we can locate and install the correct springs for your car and application. 

W204 C63 AMG Lowered on H&R Sport Lowering Springs

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