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Welcome To Our Site!!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site! We welcome you and hope you spread the news to your friends. This site will now be the center of AMG Doctor, so please check back frequently for daily updates and uploads of new products. Our blog section will primarily be used to post AMG & Mercedes informational articles, company announcements, and other related content. 

If you notice in our "Carbon Fiber Section", many of the product listings are missing pictures. The reason for this is because these products are new additions and we haven't had the opportunity to install and photograph these carbon fiber parts on our customers' cars yet. AMG Doctor is offering sponsorship discounts on these carbon fiber parts if you're willing to have your car photographed with these selected parts installed. Please email our team for more information on this sponsorship if you're interested in this discount and having pictures of your car displayed on our site. 

 In the section "Service, Performance, & Repair" you will find some of the basic services we offer at our shop. When the product listing says the price of the service item is "$0.00", this is because every car has a different price for labor and parts depending on the year and model. We could give you flat rate prices across the board like a lot of shops do, but we want to make sure you receive the most accurate price. Instead of overcharging you by rounding prices up to a flat rate, just to save time. Some services are the same price no matter what year or model and those services are priced accordingly. When you're ready to purchase a service or repair, simply click "Add To Cart" and then proceed to the check out where you will be prompted to enter in all of your information. Once you enter your information and complete the order we will receive a notification and contact you about the service or repair you requested. 

We wanted to give you a basic run down on our site and how to navigate. We'll be posting a lot more to this blog and uploading more products daily, so check back frequently for what's new and if you haven't already, please follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Thank all of you for your continued love and support, we appreciate all of you giving AMG Doctor the opportunity to broadcast and bring you something great!

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